Junior SDET with Python

Quality assurance

QA Automation

We provide test automation services for software, websites and mobile applications. Our automation process helps reduce test time and enhances the quality of testing. We leverage a variety of tools and technologies that allow us to develop effective solutions for our product needs.

Our methodology and framework are aimed at making optimal use of resources, best practices and tools. Our team delivers automated solutions for unit testing, functional testing and performance testing.

We choose the tools that are right for our projects, including Selenium, Robot framework, Protractor, TestNG, Appium, JMeter.

Robot framework

Job Description

The project is a network simulator which allows the user to identify potential errors before they actually happen. It is a very complex project, being implemented in multiple public institutions throughout the US. It also uses multiple programming languages, such as C++, Java, Python and Go. We need a junior engineer who is comfortable with learning new technologies as they go. This SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) position is very closely related to development, more than to QA. The ideal candidate should have solid experience in Python development and be comfortable with writing Python scripts.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • Python automation knowledge – Python fundamentals (data types, magic methods aka dunder methods, inheritance, overloading vs. overwriting, etc.);
  • Pytest framework knowledge is a nice-to-have;
  • UI testing with Python and Selenium. Use and understanding of POM (Page Object Model);
  • API testing: request components, response components, response code classes, authentication methods, sessions, working with Python’s requests module and Python’s paramiko module;
  • Regression testing, retesting, smoke, sanity, load testing, stress testing, black-box testing, white-box testing;
  • Cloud testing/Kubernetes/Docker knowledge is also nice-to-have;
  • Working with databases in Python: MongoDB, MySQL.

Working schedule

  • Classic EU flexible schedule (9-18);
  • 2-3 weekly meetings (30-60 minutes) at 18:00 CET or 19:00 CET

Recruitment process

  • Short Bytex HR introductory discussion
  • 1-2h Bytex technical discussion with one of our engineers
  • Interview with the direct Cisco manager (focus on algorithms)
  • Offer presentation


Unlimited WFH + option to join us at our office in Iasi

Private medical insurance

Access to multiple learning platforms

Meal vouchers and holiday gift vouchers

MyBenefits platform access

Pluria subscription for co-working spaces

Monthly team lunch budget

Extra vacation days for tenure - B2B collaborators also have paid unavailability days - up to 34 per year.