IT Recruiter

Iasi, Romania

Job Description

Department description

Having a team of passionate IT professionals to take care of is not an easy job. In order for them to deliver the best solutions for our customers, our administrative team is working to make sure they have all the resources they need to succeed. 

We are putting our efforts together to create a comfortable and productive company culture, to take care of the actual team and to expand it, according to the customers’ needs. 

Your role

Our HR team needs a passionate and creative IT Recruiter to continue expanding the teams in a healthy and organic way. 

You will be working closely with the HR and Marketing departments to create plans for recruiting the best colleagues for the Bytex team, by developing strategies to keep the current members engaged. Your most important activity will be recruitment – everything from screening and interviewing to participating in job fairs and recruiting events. Also, you will be involved in activities related to employee retention. 


  • Understand details about the projects and the openings that we have for each of them;
  • Understand the current recruitment process and propose improvements whenever the situation needs it;
  • Look for candidates, conduct the first interview with them and guide them throughout the process (schedule the next interviews, facilitate the communication with the customer);
  • Keep track of the candidates, maintaining a relationship with them in case of future opportunities;
  • Get involved in the retention activities inside the company and propose new, creative ways to take care of the team.


  • Experience in IT recruitment;
  • Ability to handle interviews with different types of candidates;
  • Creativity to find new solutions to already-known situations;
  • Passion and willingness to be a team player;
  • Ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment; 
  • Be a unicorn when needed.


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