DevOps engineer

Iași, Romania

Backend Development

The teams at Bytex build scalable and easy to maintain Web Services that are used by our clients for things like collecting and analyzing security parameters by Cyber Security Analysts or gaining access to their workspaces.

The scalability and maintainability of our services are based on business logic structured into multiple loosely coupled layers that together build our final product.

We follow the Agile development methodology, which implies having a close and constant collaboration with our clients’ representatives in order to properly handle each implementation detail and to assure the quality of the software we build.


Job Description

We’re looking for a passionate and self-motivated professional to help optimize and improve the performance and implementation of the development process for a Cisco networking application. This person should be able to take responsibility for maintaining and executing organizational policies and procedures for configuration management, release and deployment management and service monitoring, support and problem management.


  • Creating and maintaining build pipelines;
  • Updating and troubleshooting deployments;
  • Managing performance and analyzing infrastructure problems;
  • Assessing 3rd party solutions and advising in build-vs-buy decisions;
  • Assisting development teams in delivering features quickly and reliably;
  • Defining and improving continuous integration and delivery processes;
  • Sharing knowledge and best practices like Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment to the team and organisation so that we can enable the DevOps approach;
  • Helping the engineering teams to increase the deployment frequency and reduce the lead time for changes;
  • Containerization tool used by developers and in the CI pipelines.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of virtualization;
  • Docker knowledge;
  • Orchestration tools: Kubernetes, Rancher;
  • Configuration management tools: Ansible, Puppet, SaltStack;
  • Scripting languages: Bash, Python, Groovy;
  • OOP knowledge is a plus;
  • C++/Java knowledge are a plus;
  • Reporting tools: Grafana, Prometheus, Kibana (ELK stack).


If you want to apply for this position, please fill in the form or send us an email at