mid Cloud Platform Engineer (Java)


Backend Development

The teams at Bytex build scalable and easy to maintain Web Services that are used by our clients for things like collecting and analyzing security parameters by Cyber Security Analysts or gaining access to their workspaces.

The scalability and maintainability of our services are based on business logic structured into multiple loosely coupled layers that together build our final product.

We follow the Agile development methodology, which implies having a close and constant collaboration with our clients’ representatives in order to properly handle each implementation detail and to assure the quality of the software we build.


Job Description

This project is in collaboration with one of the leading companies in the AI / ML area.

You will be working in the Cloud Platform team, which is responsible for metrics infrastructure development of
metrics designs, managed services, and real-time telemetry software systems. You will use your depth of
engineering and experience to assist in software initiatives, proof of concepts, analysis of software products, and real-time metric and data system designs.
This role will involve collaboration with the business partners, product managers and representatives from
other engineering disciplines. We will bring telemetry R&D projects into production. To achieve this effect,
you will use a combination of open source and COTS technologies to solve real-time problems at an enterprise-wide scale. Furthermore, you will work on Multi-Cloud deployments microservices technologies which consist of Prometheus, microservices, Time-Series Databases, Application Performance Management (APM), Logs and Splunk clusters, Kafka, and data streaming.
You will transform business requirements to component designs and code in a fast-paced agile environment. In parallel, you will assist in the design of new systems and the redesign of existing systems to meet business requirements, changing needs, and integration of state-of-the-art technology. Also, you will ruthlessly prioritize and optimize designs where needed, to ensure business needs are consistently being met. As a senior software engineer, you will have the opportunity to apply new technologies to overcome design challenges and technical problems enabling mission critical real-time telemetry systems.
Minimum Qualifications
  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent, with 6 or more years in software engineering, design, and architecture
  • Strong architecture, programming, and engineering skills. Should have an analytical design approach and demonstrated experience in software engineering and programming
  • Knowledge of public, private and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Demonstrated background in developing software systems and a solid foundation in programing
  • Experience with one or more TSDBs (InfluxDB, Kairos, Cortex, Thanos, Prometheus)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for diverse audiences based on engineering
    subject matter
  • Ability to document requirements, architectural designs, and analysis findings in both
    business and technical terminology
  • Experience in Unix/Linux shell scripting or similar programming/scripting knowledge
  • Experience in extract, transform, load (ETL) processes
  • Experience with real-time data buses and clusters (Kafka)
  • Knowledge of real-time telemetry pipelines and publish/subscribe models
  • Hands-on experience with NoSQL (Cassandra or equivalent)
  • Experience with metric agents, real-time dashboards, and alerting rules
  • API development, integration, and utilization
  • Software development in an Agile iterative CI/CD development environment
  • Promote and support company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics
    and integrity


Preferred Qualifications
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes, containers, service meshes, and microservices
  • Knowledge of Prometheus
  • Fluency in Java, JavaScript, or Go
  • Knowledge of microservices architectures, Istio, and micrometer
  • Advanced shell scripting
  • Configuration management -Ansible, chef, puppet
  • Real-time data ingestion with Spark
  • Full-stack cloud software development experience
  • Experience in creating and maintaining managed metric services
  • Experience with large scale distributed system deployments
  • Experience with advanced SQL queries
  • Experience with observability tools and system architectures


Open Office Policy - Work from Anywhere and Utilities Expenses Coverage

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Access to learning platforms & Bookster subscription

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