What to Expect During an HR Interview at Bytex

Dan Segall
October 7 5 min read
What to expect HR interview

If you’re looking for your next professional journey, this is for you. Regardless of your professional experience and background, there are some commonalities that you should be acquainted with for our first talk, so here is what to expect during an HR interview with us.

First, let’s say you do get the job. 

The first obvious point here is that the more you talk openly about your needs and expectations, the better we can accommodate them. 

Don’t be afraid to ask about us – who we are, what the people are like, even outside work. We pride ourselves on having gathered amazing professionals, who’re also people of substance. From astrophotography to home automation, SciFi, mountaineering and everything in between, we work with people who are accomplished outside of their professional fields as well. 

Ask us about the projects, the management, the technologies we’re recruiting on, the overall experience from a particular project. 

In this first talk, like in all others from there on, nothing is off limits and we’re here to give you the full picture of our environment

But we’re looking for something, though. What is that?

First of all, this being a safe space for an honest talk, we’re looking for just this: 

A good self evaluation where you don’t praise yourself more than you should be, where you let your experience speak for itself. We’re experienced recruiters and have been working with technical professionals for years, which is why we’re fully equipped with the technical knowledge a good recruiter needs to possess. 

Be open about any specific issues you’d like to put on the table, and we’ll talk everything through. 

And that’s it! Once we’ve established a context for your professional journey forward, you’ll move on to the technical interview, where one of our engineers will take the lead. 

Why a No-Strings-Attached Open Conversation with HR People Helps in Your Career

Not all HR professionals will be honest about it, but as you’re probably aware, not all HR talks (and let’s call them that from now on instead of the heavy word interview) turn into successful collaborations.

  • It builds a greater picture of the industry 

The more interviews you go to, the better you’ll get to know the overall level of the market you’re going to work in, especially during your first year as a professional, when you owe it to yourself to cover the basis of your domain. 

From finding a niche, to finding a team that you fit right in, to understanding how much the clients you’re working with matter for your overall performance, it’s all about getting a good swim in the muddy waters of your profession. 

  • It sets the right expectations 

Both for you and for the company. To make it all perfectly clear, it’s in the best interest of you, your clients, your colleagues, your friends, your life and pretty much everyone in it to find a job where you truthfully enjoy being. At Bytex, we’re all about this – finding the right fit for a team, a customer, a project and pairing them with the job of their dreams (or as close to it as possible).

We’d be lying to say it doesn’t bring us its advantages – we get to have a productive person who’s super involved in what they’re doing. But this is mainly about you – IT is really an industry where you have your freedom of choice.

Circling back, it’s why honesty and setting the right expectations during the first talk is so paramount. We’re here to help, out of passion to the point where we don’t care that this sounds like a giant cliché. So ping us and let’s talk about some of the following: 

  • What motivates you
  • What type of learner you are
  • What type of leadership style works best with you
  • What kind of teams you’ve been a part of and which of those you enjoyed best 

and any other kind of real information about who you are in your professional life. 

From our experience, and we’re gonna guess from yours as well, it’s much better for a professional to not get a job than it is to get the wrong one for their development. That would be just tragic and this is what we’re here to avoid at all costs. 

  • It creates trust & genuine connections 

It might be hard to believe with all the industry stereotypes, but we’re actually a bunch of people with real lives and feelings and joys and dreams and failures like any other person out there. 

Widening your circle of trust in your industry is a huge part of your evolution. Perhaps not in the first one or two years, where you’d be learning everything and absorbing information like a thirsty sponge regardless. 

But later, when you’re more experienced and maybe looking for a job that offers the right climate of development for you, having a network of connections who know you and what you’re about can be of tremendous benefit. 

So now that you know what to expect during an HR interview, try it out, come and meet us, let’s have the relaxed, honest chat we would in any other context. 

Bonus: We promise to never ask where you see yourself in 5 years.