We Are Bytex. Presenting Bytex Ground Security (Video)

April 23 5 min read
Image with Bytex Logo

We’re so happy to announce our newest internal project – Bytex Ground Security. It’s a touchless, keyless building access system that’s secure, reliable and future-facing. Below you’ll find the presentation video, along with the video transcript.

‘Your company is only as safe as its least secure process. And while this may sound scary, it’s also a great starting point for innovation. During this past year, we discovered that – ideally – all company processes should be digital, touchless and should involve as little physical human contact as it is technologically feasible.

As we developed Desknomad and our people started coming back to the office when they felt like it in a safe fashion, we understood that a secure office access solution isn’t just about the technological aspect of it, but also about the human experience.

Bytex Ground Security is a keyless solution that allows access in your buildings based on a unique code you receive on your phone when opening the app, eliminating the classical badge or key. In principle, our application makes things twice as secure on two very different and equally important layers:

  • First, it takes out the physical interaction and it minimizes touching, which is invaluably useful in a global situation such as the one we’re experiencing,
  • Secondly, it maximizes the traceability of your every employee without having to depend on a physical key or a card, which are very easily lost, compared to the phones constantly glued to our hands,
  • Lastly, it gives you the flexibility of deciding different types of admin rights to distinct access points to your building.

But how does it work?

Bytex Ground Security provides a keyless & wireless solution for your rooms. No more using physical door keys, just install the app on your phone and benefit from a secure solution to manage the access of different users to room entries. It can be used at home, so that only you and your family can have access to it or by companies with offices used by hundreds of employees.

At first, the app will ask you for an email or a phone number to verify your identity. No password required, and no other data is stored beside this initial verification phase. Then, through the use of Bluetooth, which makes everything wirelessly accessible, you can scan an NFC placed next to the access door.

The app employs Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with our hardware, which will be used to control the door. This application only works with our product. In order to get it, please contact us through our website, our social media or just drop us a line.

We hope you liked our video! Share it within your organization and don’t forget to mention that we offer a sixty day trial period!’