The People Behind The People. How We Do Recruitment

July 11 4 min read
Our colleague Dan - the people behind the people and how we do recruitment

In this video, our colleague & HR Manager, Dan Segall, explains what you should expect from the Bytex recruitment process – how we do recruitment is one of the things that speaks about us, and we’re here to clarify it for you.

This piece is a part of The People Behind The People, a series on what to expect once you’re part of our team, how we work, who we are and what we care about.

‘Hey there, I’m Dan and I’m part of the HR team here at Bytex.  

As a developer, it’s probably never been tough for you to find work. It’s never been about the struggle of not having enough companies to choose from, but about finding the one that fits what you’re looking to achieve in the upcoming years. 

Here at Bytex, we totally get that, which is why we think that chatting up is not exclusively for those who desperately want to change their jobs. It’s for anyone who wants to take the pulse of the industry and to better understand the options on the table.

The company culture, the projects and the people in it are very strong arguments, and perhaps one of our top advantages. Getting together professionals who are so different and yet so equally passionate is such a rare occurrence, that we just have to mention it here, at the beginning of our video. Because chances are, whoever you are, you’d love our colleagues.

And since it’s relevant for us to find the right fit for our openings, it’s also why our HR talks are always informal, friendly and transparent rather than parts of an impersonal process. Just like you have your curiosities, we’ve got ours. And this first talk is the best moment to learn a little about each other. Scratch right away the classical ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years’ because you won’t be hearing it here. 

Ask us anything and we’ll answer in the most sincere way. And, in turn, tell us whatever you find relevant about who you are as a person, what you’re looking to achieve, what your aspirations and your abilities are, and how you want to put them to use. 

How We Do Recruitment – What To Expect

This initial talk is where we look for things like your motivations, your working and learning style, flexibility and how you like to communicate. The goal would be to match your plans with one of our customers’ goals – this is important and nurtures long term relationships, because our main purpose is to manage expectations flawlessly and to create a transparent base for communication from here on. 

If all goes well and you’re a good fit for one of our teams, a technical interview will follow. Another thing you might want to know from the start is that the result from your technical interview is not a general truth about who you are, but rather a matter of our customers’ needs at the moment. This may vary a little from one company to another, which is only natural. If we’ve been compatible enough to think that it would be productive to work together, you’ll go through a series of technical aspects, from general to specific. 

It’s important to have the basis of programming right (such as OOP, design patterns, data structures and so on), even if we’re not going to ask for a formal qualification. It’s because we believe in people, and in the potential of self realization, meaning that we don’t think the only qualified people are those with their walls full of diplomas. On the contrary, being self-taught can mean that you’re resilient and passionate, and this kind of attitude is really something we appreciate here at Bytex. 

Once the technical conversation has taken place, we’re going to organize a discussion with one of our customers, on the project you might be a right fit for. This can cover many aspects, from generally getting to know each other, to different technical talks. Here’s where you’ll learn everything there is to know about the project, from the tech stack, to the teams, future plans, ongoing features under development, and anything else you might feel like asking about. 

Because we’ve got more projects at a time, this makes it easier for you to integrate with one of our teams. And I’m saying this because while finding a job may not be hard for you, finding the right one to help you achieve your goals can be tricky regardless of the multitude of options out there. 

But enough from me. Let’s meet and chat! Even if you’re not actively looking for a change at the moment, make sure to get in touch with usWe’d love to tell you more.’

Curious to find out more about our people behind the people? Luckily for you, we don’t just explain how we do recruitment, but how we coexist here at Bytex, so make sure to check out the rest of this series.