The People Behind the People

November 11 5 min read
The People Behind the People

Here, at Bytex, we’re all about the people, as you might already know. We’re devoted to helping our teams succeed and our colleagues accomplish their professional goals. But none of this would be possible without our amazing HR team – the people responsible for everyone’s happiness, the ones who go above and beyond to make things happen, whether it’s about having fresh bagels at the office because the people demand it or looking out for people’s career paths and making sure that internal mobility solutions are at their disposal. Or providing a way to empower them to achieve their potential, through teaching, taking on management roles or just paying it forward.

So we’re thinking it’s time for you to meet the team and get to know the real people behind the people here at Bytex. Here they are, in no particular order: 

Gabriela Edu – HR Specialist

Gabriela Edu - HR Specialist

‘I am the newest member of the Bytex HR team. My responsibilities are mainly in the recruiting area, where I am in contact with lots of great candidates, interviewing and keeping them informed about our opportunities. I am also slowly picking up more responsibilities from other HR areas, such as performance reviews, exit interviews, etc. 

Being an HR person involves being in constant contact with people and, even though I love it, being one of the reasons I choose this path, in my free time, I like going out in nature and enjoying time by myself. I also like discovering new places and the stories behind them.’

Dan Segall – HR Specialist

Dan Segall - HR Specialist

‘Hello there! I’m Dan, a member of one of the most amazing teams here at Bytex. As part of the HR team, I am responsible for interviewing candidates, conducting periodic reviews for our other employees, carrying out exit interviews and helping out with pretty much anything I can. I really enjoy what I do, as it combines so many things I love: interacting with new people, using a computer for all kinds of tasks and having the opportunity to learn a ton of things constantly.

But, by far, the team I’m in is the most important aspect. We get to share insights, talk about many non-work-related topics and boost each other’s morale by laughing it off whenever some bad news arrives. In my spare time I let my many passions take over: watches, cars, technology stuff, video games, workouts and others. If you’d like to know more about me and Bytex, don’t hesitate to drop us a message; we’d be delighted to have a chat.’

Veronica Bălan – HR Manager

Veronica Bălan - HR Manager

‘As part of the HR team in Bytex for more than two and a half years now, I’ve seen the company progress from a startup with entirely informal culture to a mixed, a bit more organized one. I’ve also watched the team evolve continuously, both in terms of technical expertise and number, as we’re more than 110 colleagues now.

I consider my job to be about people: everything from recruiting new colleagues that fit our culture and needs, to making sure the actual colleagues are happy and have all they need in order to succeed in their job. I’m a sincere person that believes in people and likes to see the best in them. This is how I’ve managed to learn A LOT from every person I interacted with.

One of my favourite activities is listening to people, hearing out what they need or feel and trying to adjust my communication skills in order to translate opinions and feedback from one to another.

I’m grateful for being an HR – this role has trained the best in me and I’m working daily to get even better. I learned to be calm when I wanted to yell as much as I could, to see the good in every challenging situation, and to be assimilating, no matter what happens. Great achievements need some inspiration and they have to be followed by hard work.

In my spare time I’m a nature lover. I grew up in a small town surrounded by mountains that offer spectacular views no matter the season. I like animals, all kinds of animals, but I especially admire horses. I find them to be gracious, noble creatures that can help in multiple ways. I’m also passionate about human behaviour from a psychological point of view and I have a degree in hypnosis.’

Sebastian Mereuță – HR Specialist

Sebastian Mereuță - HR Specialist

‘As an HR person, my day to day tasks are spread across several areas of HR such as recruitment, performance reviews, exit interviews, etc., but I also like to find new & creative ways of optimizing our ‘way of doing things’. During my free time, I like to work out, play board games with my friends, and from time to time to immerse myself in the world of competitive e-sports. One of my hobbies is traveling, and so far I’ve visited 15 countries across EMEA (I know, not great, not terrible). Life is an adventure and we have to enjoy the ride.

Interviews? I’ve been enjoying them so much that they made me curious about the development side of things, which is why currently I’m on a career path to switching to a technical role.’

Instead of Conclusion

One of the things we like most about our people is how much they care not just within the working hours, but generally – they care about the environment, about people in need, about everything that might make things just a little bit better for us all.

Curious to meet them? We thought so! So reach out and let’s get to know each other.