The People Behind the People

November 11 5 min read
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Here, at Bytex, we’re all about the people, as you might already know. We’re devoted to helping our teams succeed and our colleagues accomplish their professional goals. But none of this would be possible without our amazing HR team – the people responsible for everyone’s happiness, the ones who go above and beyond to make things happen, whether it’s about having fresh bagels at the office because the people demand it or looking out for people’s career paths and making sure that internal mobility solutions are at their disposal. Or providing a way to empower them to achieve their potential, through teaching, taking on management roles or just paying it forward.

So we’re thinking it’s time for you to meet the team and get to know the real people behind the people here at Bytex. Here they are, in no particular order: 

Dan Segall – HR Manager

‘Hello there! I’m Dan, leader of one of the most amazing teams here at Bytex. Apart from fulfilling my main responsibilities as an HR (interviewing, holding reviews, negotiating offers and many others), I am in constant touch with all departments to maximize our efficiency and address high-priority matters.

During my 3+ years here, I’ve always agreed on one thing: we never get bored. Each day brings fresh challenges, opportunities for learning and the chance to discover new strategies and refine our work in every possible aspect. One crucial lesson I’ve learned on a personal level is the importance of communication. I can confidently say that our high level of communication greatly fuels our excellent teamwork.

Speaking of personal level, I am also a professional watchmaker and have a keen interest in sports, technology, video games and other hobbies. If you’d like to know more about me and Bytex, don’t hesitate to drop us a message; we’d be delighted to have a chat.’

Tetyana Schmid – HR Specialist

‘As a psychology graduate I’ve always been passionate about people, their behavior, feelings and needs, communication, and relationships – particularly the elements, that are encompassed in the sphere of Human Resources. The role of HR Specialist gives me an opportunity to acknowledge an individual not from the perspective of their professional appropriateness, but in a view of the employees human qualities too. Every day I feel inspired by people, by listening to their stories, empathizing with them, learning through interaction with them, encouraging their goals, motivating them, and celebrating their success. I believe that people are the most valuable and the most important asset of every organization. That’s what our Bytex team empowers and stands for!

Running the job as a passion of my life, when off duty, to make my mind free, I enjoy doing sports, watching movies, handcrafting and spending time with loved ones.’

Adina Grigore – HR Specialist

‘Hi there! I’m Adina, I like people, and this is one of the reasons I am a recruiter.

I like talking to new people, finding out more about them, and learning from them. The fact that through my job, I can help others find a good place to work brings me great satisfaction. Not long ago, I joined the Bytex team, and I love it. Here I found people eager to help whenever I needed it.

In my free time, I love reading everything that feeds my imagination. When my body and mind feel stiff, I love doing yoga, and when I feel the need to disconnect from everything, hiking is the best thing. Let’s connect and talk more about Bytex and all that has to offer. And yoga. And hiking. Why not?’

Nora Zagoni – HR Specialist

‘My name’s Nora, and I’m part of the amazing HR team at Bytex. I’m outgoing and love interacting with people, which really fuels me every day.

Plus, being in HR allows me to constantly learn and adapt to new challenges, which keeps things exciting and keeps me motivated to do my best every day.
I’m an active person, hitting the gym daily, and I also enjoy taking Bachata and Salsa classes because it’s something I’ve always wanted to explore.

In conclusion, alongside all the other hobbies I’ve mentioned, my favorite activity is spending time with my four dogs. Taking them for walks, playing with them, and simply being in their company helps me disconnect about all the stress around me.’

Instead of Conclusion

One of the things we like most about our people is how much they care not just within the working hours, but generally – they care about the environment, about people in need, about everything that might make things just a little bit better for us all.

Curious to meet them? We thought so! So reach out and let’s get to know each other.