Cheat Sheet: The Fundamentals of Outsourcing in Software Development

June 30 5 min read
Outsourcing Development Cheat Sheet

In the past two weeks we’ve put forth for you an extensive two-part resource covering The Fundamentals of Outsourcing in Software Development. We started out with looking at all the variables that you need to take into considerations when picking the outsourcing partner that work for your specific circumstance. The following week, we crunched the numbers, read the literature on the topic and put together a second part dedicated to exploring how to ensure a smooth transition from full in-house development to partial outsourcing.

We strove to synthesize, to the best of our expertise, the flood of information out there and to bring you all the essential points you need to check on your list in order to make the best decision for you and your company.

In this sense, we compiled all the relevant elements from the ensemble and condensed it into a one-page cheat-sheet on outsourcing software development, easy to read and to use in order for you to have a clearer view of our general findings and indications. Read the full-length material (linked above) to get the information, but consult our conclusive cheat-sheet to get the big picture!