Changing digital healthcare with Ciitizen

November 11 10 min read

Ciitizen is a company that facilitates access and allows direct actions to your comprehensive health data. It helps you collect, summarize and share your medical records digitally, free of charge. Starting with cancer patients, Ciitizen eases control of their health outcomes.

How our journey together started

As a local company on the rise, Bytex understands the dynamic of the startup life, its challenges and the need to speed things up with minimum to 0 compromise of quality. Because we also believe in a world that gives back by helping those in need, partnering up with the Ciitizen team created a great result-driven dynamic.

We started collaborating with the Ciitizen team in June 2019, when their main needs consisted of a clean, stable UI and a reliable microservices based back-end structure. We needed to rapidly integrate a UI architect and a back-end team into the collaboration and put things into motion. Bytex quickly assigned three engineers that started handling the challenges of (re)building both a solid UI architecture and ensuring the back-end was at speed. Our UI architect improved the way VueJS is used in the project, proposing and instilling clean UI coding standards, as to have a readable and self documenting code. Proposals like updating the Quasar versions or integrating and building unit tests were approved in no time. We aligned both the technical and business needs, and everything was accepted with full trust.

The back-end team managed to follow the fast changing environments, running cron jobs directly in Kubernetes and executing them successfully. The way they used message queue architecture to process requests coming from users who wanted to get medical information from different facilities is an interesting part of the journey for them. It is with the help of this mechanism that they ensure their requests are successfully processed, even if one of the services required might have been unavailable at the time of its creation. Using Salesforce as a CRM platform was another exciting challenge for the guys, who now master these technologies.

Working towards efficiency

Bytex has a history of enabling efficiency in work structure, so because we understood their needs and observed their dynamic, we took it upon ourselves to propose improvements on the methodology approach. We’ve reduced the number of calls and overall dependencies, by changing the planning method. We proposed sprint plannings and cut the daily calls to fewer ones per week. Team confidence was built and clear syncs were set. Working pretty independently came in no time.

Because we believe in creating a close bond between all team members, to ensure a broader understanding of the business and an overall effective communication, we encouraged people to join business trips. One month of planning and execution on the customer’s site, in the first 2 months of collaboration made our teams understand the business better. We managed to quickly facilitate the according paperwork and first sent the back-end team to the U.S., to ensure the delivery of critical tasks.

Any remote operation is slow to start and it requires investment on both sides to make it work, but once it is in full gear, Bytex team really stepped up the contribution and today they have become a part of the core team.

Peeyush Rai, Ciitizen’s CTO

Everything privacy

Ciitizen revolves around data privacy, in such a sensitive domain such as health care. This is why the collaborators we propose are technical advocates, who understand the importance of protection against unauthorized access, use or disclosure of customer information the customer collects or stores. We provide keen attention to how information is encrypted, because we understand the importance of achieving HIPAA compliance together.

I chose Bytex as they came across as a very professional organization with good work ethics. Dragos invested time to build the relationship that gave me confidence to try it out. I did reference checks about the company that validated my hypothesis.”

Peeyush Rai, Ciitizen’s CTO

Truth be told, we’re keen on investing in human interaction and believe in people bonding. Keeping in mind that, at the end of the day, we’re people working with people, has helped us see things in a clearer and more emphatic way.

This is only the beginning of the story. Building more features in a timely manner and integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence elements into the Ciitizen app are exciting plans for us, and we can’t wait to be part of this journey even further. We know we can become more than just collaborators to the Ciitizen team, as much as we know that together, we can create more than just a health data app, by changing the world of digital medical records as we know it. And we’re happy that Ciitizen “would not hesitate to recommend Bytex to other software companies that are looking to augment their teams.