Accelerating Growth in 2020: Spotlight on Startups

June 3 5 min read
startup growth in 2020

It is difficult enough to get a startup up and running, even without the hardships that we all had to face in the first half of the year: with the pandemic still in full speed, the downward spiral that is the global recession and the recent social upheaval in the US, feeling insecure and slightly clueless about the future (what’s next, 2020?) is understandable. Nonetheless, there are active measures that can be taken in order to minimize uncertainty and ensure startup growth in 2020, keeping board members, VCs and employees (if not happy, at least) satisfied. 

We’ve prepared an ebook that develops upon the key strategies that ought to be considered by startup executive boards in the coming months in order to stay afloat and successfully navigate H2 2020 . By downloading our resource, you will have access to comprehensive input on:

  • extending a startup’s financial runaway;
  • exploring the work from home/remote paradigm shift;
  • delegating and outsourcing key processes during a recession;
  • identifying growth patterns for better times.

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