5 Reasons To Choose Bytex Over Freelancing

Dan Segall
January 17 3 min read
5 Reasons to Choose Bytex Over Freelancing

The Great Resignation is real and it took no one by surprise, and in this article we will tackle why you should choose Bytex over freelancing in this economy. No one working in IT, where everything is so dynamic and volatile, was shocked about this trend. Being ready for change is one of the cornerstones of this industry, and a massive movement dedicated to empowering high performing professionals to achieve their full potential was long due, if we’re completely honest.

The truth is that this paradigm shift has changed the balance of power between companies and individuals, showing once more that excellence is a result of people through software, not of software in itself. Which takes me right to my first point: 

It’s Always Been About The People

A company ‘in itself’ stripped of its people is nothing but a bunch of empty desks and a very sad office building. Personally, I’m extremely happy that movements like this Great Resignation even exist, because they force companies to put their employees in the center of their activity. As it should be. 

But perhaps more importantly, I’m happy because only a fraction of the professionals who’ve decided to quit their jobs overnight actually intentionally wish to become freelancers. For the most cases, people just want to be respected and encouraged to evolve. 

And that is just a natural thing to want. It’s high time companies understood that respecting their employees is more than just about paying on time or offering x or y benefit. It’s about understanding their evolution in the context of their priorities and doing everything they can to assist people in every way. Which is a huge reason why you should choose Bytex over freelancing.

Colleagues Matter. Sometimes More Than Anything 

Maybe students or juniors aren’t always aware of it, but anyone Mid-level and up should know by now that people shape who we are, in the workplace as well as in every other aspect of our lives. 

In my experience, not many companies have the kind of combination of people that would astonish not just through professional excellence but also through their passions, their commitments towards their goals, and their eagerness to help anyone around them evolve along with themselves. 

In truth, it’s a rare combination and we’ve lucked out. We’re just extremely grateful to have found such amazing individuals. I’m not just saying it because I work here. In fact, it was one of the reasons why choosing Bytex sounded great in the first place. However tough the project, however short the deadline, however new the technology, we just know what teamwork means genuine collaboration and it can get us through any task. 

But that’s only half of the advantage. We love to dissociate our professional and personal lives. We love to make it seem like we can compartmentalize well enough to not let ourselves be influenced by all the people around us. But the reality disagrees. In fact, being surrounded by smart people, who are dedicated and honest, can help you go a long way. Both professionally and personally. It can help you be more ambitious, it can turn you into a go-getter, it can spike your interest for new things, and it makes you a well-rounded person. 

And who wouldn’t want that, right?

Project Autonomy Meets A Reliable Support System

Since we’re addressing this piece to more experienced professionals, it’s only fair to openly talk about this real challenge. Freelancing is about getting it all done by yourself. It’s not just stressful in itself, because let’s suppose you get the hang of it at some point. But it’s also about not being able to bounce ideas off your colleagues freely at any point, to compare different types of strategies and solutions from colleagues who maybe work on other projects, to ask for help whenever you need an extra set of eyes. 

Of course autonomy is relevant from a point onwards. Your technical skills become glued to your vision, and together they can be a huge competitive advantage, not to mention a very strong foundation for your professional development. I’m here to acknowledge, not dispute this

But perhaps autonomy and a support system are not an either/or situation. Or at least they shouldn’t have to be. Ideally, you’ll be able to be heard and valued for your contribution, while also allowed to roam freely through creative processes and strategic points of view. 

Awesome Clients

The kind that you’d love to be working with. The kind that are big enough to matter, and to have enough plans for the future to sound challenging. But also, you can be part of smaller project teams, which is the lovechild of startup agility and corporate opportunities. 

Through the years, we’ve had amazing collaborations with different industry disruptors (in the real sense of the word, not just the elevator-pitch sense of the word). People with a vision, who wish to change a very specific and realistic piece of reality and turn it into something magnificent. 

Our client portfolio is a combination of Fortune 500 companies and extremely promising startups. 

The Flexibility And Freedom of Freelance

Whichever your need at the moment, we’re here to help you achieve your goals, and that is in itself a good enough reason to choose Bytex over freelancing. If you’re looking to work less for the following period of time and maybe focus on traveling, we’re here to accommodate that. If you’re looking to learn something new, we’re more than happy to assist you through it.

Want to work from home today, but to drop by the office tomorrow? You do you. Feeling more productive working from abroad? Bon voyage, and send us pretty pictures! 

Trying to hold on to a schedule and need to work certain hours? Say no more. 

Basically, as long as the job gets done, we’re open to discussing any kind of schedule that you may be interested in, whenever. 

If you’re still not ready, but you’re kind of curious about us, it’s ok. We’re equally happy to meet like minded people, and to build a healthy community around our common interests. And who knows, maybe one day you will choose Bytex over freelancing.

So let’s get acquainted.