Blog Post - Serverless Architectures_ The Future for Scalable Solutions_
Serverless Architecture: The Future for Scalable Solutions?
Blog Post - Blockchain Beyond Crypto_ Real-World Applications for Enterprises
Blockchain Beyond Crypto: Real-World Applications for Enterprises
Blog Post - The Rise of Edge Computing_ Implications for Tech Leaders
The Rise of Edge Computing: Implications for Tech Leaders
quantum computing
Quantum Computing in Practice. A Guide For CIOs
outstaffing 2024
How To Choose An Outstaffing Partner In 2024
developer golang
Golang. The New Mainstream for Microservices
Generative AI and Shaping The Future Of Work
How Generative AI Will Reshape The Future Of Work
colleague while filming with episode title on image
#frontendatbytex Episode 9. Being A Team Lead. Role Intro
Regenerative Finance Here To Stay
Is Regenerative Finance Really Here? The Future Of Sustainable Investment
Our colleague Dan - the people behind the people and how we do recruitment
The People Behind The People. How We Do Recruitment
episode 8 frontend at Bytex - our colleague while filming
#frontendatbytex Episode 8. Being A Tech Lead. Role Intro
our colleague while filming the video
#frontendatbytex Episode 7. Migrating from REST to GraphQL
#frontendatbytex Episode 6
#frontendatbytex Episode 6. Introduction to Progressive Web Apps
woman with VR headset - reimagine user experience
How Retailers Will Reimagine User Experience with Digital Tools
men at a table - Managing Engineering Teams In Recession Times
Managing Engineering Teams In Recession Times
Recessionproof in software industry
What Does It Mean To Be Recession-proof In The Software Industry?
Feedback is king
Feedback Is King. The Hitchhiking Guide
Astrophotography as a developer
Why You Might Be Into Astrophotography As A Developer (I Know I Am)
Bridging the Generational Gap in the Workplace
United We Stand: Bridging The Generational Gap In The Workplace
Customer Onboarding Process
The Customer Onboarding Process At Bytex (Video)
Hybrid Leadership
Leadership In The Hybrid Workplace. A How To
Building a UX Team
Building A UX Team: A Trial And Error Strategy
Staff augmentation
Staff Augmentation: Quick Fix Or Winning Staffing Solution?
HR At Bytex
The People Behind the People: Startup Vs Corporate
On Transforming The Workplace Through Education
On Transforming The Workplace Through Education
5 Reasons to Choose Bytex Over Freelancing
5 Reasons To Choose Bytex Over Freelancing
The Nurturing Role of a Workplace
The Nurturing Role of a Workplace
HR Banner
The People Behind the People
What to expect HR interview
What to Expect During an HR Interview at Bytex
At Bytex ,We're Ready for the Future of Work
At Bytex, We Are Ready for the Future of Work
Why we encourage senior professionals to take part in hackathons
Why We Encourage Our Senior Team Members to Participate in Hackathons
Develop UIs Without The Is
Develop UIs without the Is
Image with Bytex Logo
We Are Bytex. Presenting Bytex Ground Security (Video)
Image with Bytex Logo
We Are Bytex. Celebrating 5 Years (Video)
Universal Web - a11y
Why a11y Makes A Huge Difference
Codrin Factoring and Migrations
#frontendatbytex Episode 5
Alex Debunking Outsource Myths
#frontendatbytex Episode 4
GameStop Or How Digital Transformation Could Have Prevented A Disaster
GameStop Or How Digital Transformation Could Have Prevented A Disaster
Andreea Speaking
#frontendatbytex Episode 3
Robert speaking
#frontendatbytex Episode 2
Join the Web Side
From Automotive to Web Development
Frontend colleague
#frontendatbytex Episode 1
The competition between startups and corporations
How 2020 Has Raised the Standard for Digital Products
software development team leadership
Top Deal Breakers and Sought-After Qualities of a Software Development Team Leader
Mihai - Collaborating with stakeholders and developers
#uxatbytex Episode 4: Collaborating with Stakeholders and Developers (Video)
Alex - Ideation Session
#uxatbytex Episode 3: Ideation Session and Techniques (Video)
#uxatbytex - Design Process, UX Sprints
#uxatbytex Episode 2: Our Design Process, UX Sprints (Video)
marius-masalar-CyFBmFEsytU-unsplash (1) (1)
Kubernetes Connectivity with VMware: Our Story of Success
Iulia, #uxatbytex
#uxatbytex Episode 1: Meet Our UX Designers (Video)
Proactive Customer Success
Customer Success: A Proactive Approach to Account Management
From Lean to Launch: Mastering Kubernetes with Spectro Cloud
Outsourcing Development Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheet: The Fundamentals of Outsourcing in Software Development
UI/UX: OnScale, the Cloud Simulation Platform
outsourcing the sky is the limit
The Fundamentals of Outsourcing in Software Development [Part II]
software outsourcing guide
The Fundamentals of Outsourcing in Software Development [Part I]
Cisco Webex: Animating for Improved UX
startup growth in 2020
Accelerating Growth in 2020: Spotlight on Startups
budget cuts 2020
[Ebook] The Silver-Lining in IT Budget Cuts
Maintaining Healthy Customer Relationships: Learnings from a Lead Developer
[Ebook] How to Get Your Company Through 2020: Key Tactics from the BeNeLux
Team's superpowers
How to Find Your Team`s Superpowers
Brexit Impact on Businesses Guide
A Guide to Brexit Impact on Businesses: How to Thrive in an Unstable Environment
Case Study Software Engineering Bytex MIT
Software Engineering Partnership with the MIT: Our Story of Success
Outsourcing in CEE visual
Outsourcing in CEE: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities
Changing digital healthcare with Ciitizen
React for backend
What if there was a React for Backend
Skills Senior Developer
Skills that every senior developer should possess
why write css in js1
Why write CSS in JS?