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We are Bytex

Our vision and principles help get closer to our customers, understand their needs and move towards successful solutions.


We’re all about being professionals with a good vibe.

Bytex is an ever-growing company, providing software solutions for both big and small businesses, because we believe that regardless of experience, there’s always room to improve. We’re employee-oriented, we invest in our teams and provide ideal working conditions, from office perks to a flexible schedule.

Cool Members


  • Adapt and overcome

    We know right now times are a bit difficult, but we have the power to overcome obstacles and remain true to our objectives. Our virtual doors are open for you to meet us and join efforts, as we step into a new chapter!


  • Celebrating growth together

    We're very serious about our future and we believe in the power we have to take things to the next level. Because we recognize the merit of everyone in our team, we decided to offer a stock option plan to our colleagues, as a form of visible recognition for their efforts!

    December, 2019

  • Reddit partners

    Growing stronger, we needed an image that matched our new level of maturity. We launched a new logo and a newer, fresher website and created a strong employer branding. Oh, and we partnered up with Reddit - how cool is that?

    April, 2019

  • Let's discuss processes

    The growth part needed to be organized steadily. We’ve started investing in non tech roles as well, to manage these constantly growing teams. Became Cohesity partner. Moved to a new home, too!

    November, 2018

  • Growing with strategic partners

    Became official collaborators of Cisco, started a new project alongside VMware and paired up with several U.S. startups with awesome projects. Moved to new offices too!

    February, 2017

  • Getting started

    First team gets formed, started working with our first customer from the U.S., until the end of 2016 (when customer was acquired by VMware).

    October, 2016

  • An opportunity arises!

    Bytex was born and slowly, but surely got acquainted with the Californian startup ecosystem. Plans were made, timeline was prepared and we kick-started what became the story of Bytex.

    April, 2015